Tips for “teaching” puppies

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Dogs, in their first months of life, have at least two indisputable characteristics: an enormous amount of energy; and a spontaneity that borders on danger. In order to get a puppy used to certain human behaviors such as urinating outside the house, we must convert that spontaneity into actions that respond to a stimulus or command.

teach puppyLearning from a young age

That is, if our little one urinates in the
urinates in the living room
every time we go outside, we will have to plan a system of containment and progressive rehabilitation.

One of the most useful methods to “teach” our pet is that of positive encouragement: in this way, we will we will reward (usually with food) every time the animal does what we ask it to do. For example, if we try to make him obey the command ‘sit’ we will stop in front of the puppy, give him the command and if he obeys he will receive his reward.

No physical or psychological violence

Here I will make a caveat that seems obvious but many people forget: it has been shown that methods that use physical punishment and mistreatment are, in addition to being dangerous for the pet, much less effective. The animal is hurt, resentful and even fearful of its own owner.

So, let’s remember that dogs are animals that adapt without problems to almost any environment.

All they ask for is patience and affection.