Dog with diarrhea or colitis

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Dogs are like children, when you least expect it, they scare you and wake up sick. Like humans, dogs can also suffer from episodes of diarrhea or colitis. The causes are very diverse, from eating spoiled food to an infectious process or a digestive malformation. Especially if they are puppies, never overlook this disorder.

Dog with colitis

The causes of this intestinal disease may include nutritional problems, infections or simple parasites. Sometimes colitis is only a symptom of another, more serious disease.

Treatment and precautions

We will know that our dog has colitis because his stools will be different, he will have diarrhea and, above all, because mucus or even blood may appear in his stools. This is because the inflamed colon impedes the absorption of water in the intestine and may cause injury.

The veterinarian should check the animal for sequelae or symptoms of disease. Tests include stool analysis, x-rays and endoscopy if necessary.

After testing, it will be checked whether the problem may be due to a food intolerance. In other cases, and whenever there are digestive problems, you should offer the animal plenty of water, making sure it stays hydrated, a soft diet with easily digestible food, a low-fat and quality food.

It is advisable to give the dog hyposodium saline or aquiarius.