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Basic tricks for raising a puppy at home

Housebreaking a puppy

The puppies are beautiful, adorable and innocent. But in the blink of an eye they grow up and become adults.

If you have adopted or purchased a new pet to be your life companion.

You have decided to have a new member in your family, which entails care, education and feeding.

Basic tricks for raising a puppy at home

When you are a first time dog owner you are surrounded by uncertainties on how to educate our puppy.

In this article I want to bring you small tips, to turn your puppy into the pet of your dreams.

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Household rules

Every pet begins to learn from birth, if you educate your dog from an early age you will never have problems with them.

To educate a puppy at home there must be a balance between discipline, play and affection.

It has been proven that dogs that feel loved are the most obedient. So the first thing you need to do is to know your needs.

Your dog will only want to play, pet and cuddle.

Remember that he is a puppy, so he will not obey your commands quickly.

When our dogs are small, it is easy to let them do what they want, but it is important to set limits in our home.

Teaching them what they can and cannot do, when they can or cannot do something, are basic rules to have a good relationship with our dogs.

To get your dog’s attention, it is necessary to teach him the command “listen” or “look at me” .

This way your pet will know when to pay attention to you.

It is advisable to give your dog a reward treat in exchange for the desired response.

Basic tips.

Learn to be a leader for your pet, as you show your dog that you are consistent and consistent, he will begin to see you as the person who sets the rules.

Motivation is important for your dog, so it is advisable to give him positive rewards when he does a good job.

You can reward your puppy with food, praise and petting.

On the other hand, if your dog is misbehaving, guide him and indicate at that moment that he is doing something wrong, so that he understands.

Remember that roads have no short-term memory, so I suggest you face them on the spot and correct them.

Never resort to violence to punish your pet, this will cause your dog to feel confused and intimidated.

To obtain good results in the education of your pet, it is essential to punish and reward right at the moment of the action.

Praise your dog when he responds to a command and correct him when he is doing something wrong.

Remember, be patient and when the method you are employing to housebreak a puppy doesn’t work try another one.

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Start training your pet when it arrives at your home.

Be prepared, arm yourself with patience, this will take some time and don’t forget that communication with your pet is the best tool for his education.

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