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Main vaccines for rabbits

rabbit vaccineThere is no unanimity about the vaccines that should be administered to a rabbit. There are those who believe that if the animal is not going to leave the house, does not live in a rural area and is not going to have contact with other rabbits, it is not necessary to vaccinate them. Others think that prevention is better and that any unvaccinated animal is exposed to the possibility of suffering any disease that, if not protected, can be fatal. Since prevention is better, veterinarians advise vaccination to avoid greater evils.

Mandatory vaccinations

If not mandatory, at least two vaccinations are highly recommended for rabbits. One is myxomatosis, and the other is viral hemorrhagic disease.

In the case of myxomatosis, it is a highly contagious disease transmitted by mosquitoes and other insects, so no animal is safe from it. Interestingly, in this disease, it is not the rabbits that are most vulnerable, but the adult rabbits. Thus a baby rabbit if it is very small will not be affected, or will manage to recover almost completely. However, as it grows, myxomatosis can kill the rabbit. The vaccine should be given at the beginning of spring, when the rabbit is 2 months old.

Rabbit viral hemorrhage is also highly contagious. Most frequently, it is transferred from animal to animal, but it can also be caught through contact with feces, clothing or footwear. It is transmitted by nasal, oral or conjunctival routes.