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Like cats and dogs: the art of getting along

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There is a myth that dogs and cats are eternal enemies who can never get along, much less live together in the same house. However, and although the natural instinct may lead both animals to feel some suspicion towards each other, the truth is that it is all a matter of education, and of course, of habits.

Living together

We have known stories of dogs adopting kittens, and other species of animals adopting and nurturing offspring of the most diverse species. So why would it be so difficult for dogs and cats to live peacefully under the same roof?

The ideal is to get pets used to being together from an early age, so that when both have been raised as siblings, it is easier for them to see each other as siblings. It is also important that both pets, both dog and cat, have a gentle and calm character.

However, if we suddenly find a cat or dog that needs a home, and we are willing to give it the family it craves, we can still achieve a good coexistence even if both animals are adults. However, as the experts warn, a large dose of patience and good observation skills are necessary.

It is best to keep both pets separate until the new tenant becomes accustomed to the noises and smells of the house. Little by little, we will impregnate our hands with the scent of one or the other animal for the opponent to smell, or by leaving next to them a rag with the scent of their neighboring pet. Then come the short walks, always keeping the dog on a leash, so that both get to know each other and learn to be together without attacking each other.