The 6 best dog breeds for people with allergies

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One of the most frustrating impediments to owning a dog are allergies, a condition that greatly complicates the possibility of living next to one of these furry ones. Allergy to dogs, caused by certain proteins located mainly in the saliva, dandruff and dandruff sebaceous glands of dogs, it can occur in some people to levels without affecting their routine life, while others have very low levels without affecting their routine life, while others have very high levels without affecting their routine life. it is almost impossible to be near a canine.

However, despite this condition Many of these people manage to share their day-to-day lives with their doctors. day with a dog, but how? There are certain breeds of dogs called hypoallergenic, that they are dogs that, due to their characteristics, produce less allergies to the people; and it is precisely several of these dogs that make up the 6 best dog breeds for people with allergies.

Poodle or poodle

The poodle is a dog that enjoys great popularity. popularity among dog lovers, as it is not only a very popular animal, but also a intelligence but also extremely loyal, affectionate and protective. Your popularity also expands into the world of dogs that are more suitable for people with allergies, as they shed almost no hair and are more suitable for people with allergies. allergens contained in it, or rather in its dander, do not spread throughout the environment.

English and Italian Greyhound

Greyhounds are not so well known in spite of their ideal companions with their noble and faithful character, in addition to their great intelligence and deep affection for their humans. Due to their short hair, they do not usually produce allergic reactions in their owners, which is why they are recommended with quite often to those who have this condition.

American hairless terrier

American hairless terriers, or in English American hairless terriers are rare dogs in many parts of the world, but they turn out to be a wonderful choice as companions, and that includes the people with allergies to dogs. Two of the main pros of these terrier are hairless and do not produce dandruff, greatly diminishing the incidents with allergies. As a plus, they are highly affectionate, active and intelligent.

Spanish and Portuguese water dog

The coat of the water dog is one of the most important its best-known characteristics, and curiously enough, it is also the reason for the main reason why they are recommended to people with dog allergies. To as is the case with the poodle, Spanish and Portuguese water dogs do not have a They lose practically no hair, so they do not contaminate the environment with the allergens that produce the allergy.

They are playful and energetic dogs, playful companions ideal for children.


The xoloitzcuintle, also known as Xolo or Aztec dogs, are a breed of Mexican dogs very little known in the United States. world. The most distinctive feature of these canines is that they have almost no hair on its body, so like the American hairless terrier, the American terrier has incidents due to allergies are almost minimal. In addition, they are affectionate dogs and friendly people who fit in perfectly with a family.

Yorkshire terrier

The Yorkshire terrier is one of the main protagonists in the most recommended dogs for people with allergies, this is because they do not lose almost hair and also their pH is the same as that of humans, making them a great alternative. Along with this, their personality and loyalty give them a lot of points when it comes to children.

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