Cats Feeding Tips

My cat does not want to eat

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Sometimes our cat goes through stages in which it does not have much appetite, as it happens to us people. Although it is not unusual that because of the heat, or if it goes through stages of stress, a cat is more inappetent than usual, however, it should alert us that something has altered in it. There are a number of signs that a cat may be sick. And in such a case, we must go to the veterinarian as soon as possible.

What to do if a cat stops eating

If a cat stops eating one day, nothing happens. But if you also notice that he is discouraged, tired, sad, that he does not play as usual, that he isolates himself and wants to stay away from you, or if his refusal to eat lasts longer than a day, you should take him to the veterinarian, because the organism of the cat needs to be kept fed to perform properly and not eating can lead to death.

There are two main diseases for which a cat may suddenly stop eating and/or lose weight. One of them is a parasite infection attacking the stomach. Another is the dreaded feline leukemia, which mainly attacks stray or unvaccinated cats and is particularly serious.

Nutritious food

For a cat that eats little, there are some foods that are especially recommended for their high nutritional value and, in addition, because they are quite appetizing for them. These include canned tuna, sardines, herring and salmon. If this fails, veterinary clinics sell cans of food that, in small portions, contain a large amount of vitamins.