Your dog: the best thing in the world

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Friends, companions, accomplices, siblings, children and, sometimes, our most direct competitor if at home we live with more people with whom to compete for affection and respect. Of course, we are talking about the dog. The only thing that is clear to those of us who love animals is that they are like us, or almost like us. If they do not have the same rights as their masters, they at least retain 80 percent of the same, or sometimes are even subjected to more contemplation than ourselves. Is anyone laughing at you for treating your dog like a human? Well, here are some arguments to refute him.

Physically and psychologically equal

Although at first glance we appear to be complete opposites, the truth is that dogs and humans share 75% of our genetic code. So, if you have ever heard that dogs end up resembling their masters, the idea is not so crazy, in the end the only thing that will differentiate us will turn out to be the way we live.

Guardian Angels

Even if we are betrayed by the question of what dogs are for, let us not despair. We have answers. In addition to helping us overcome stress, keeping us company and encouraging us to exercise and, consequently, be healthier, dogs can act as our nurses. Some dogs are able to detect epileptic seizures before they occur. The ability of dogs to detect certain cases of cancer is also being studied.