Cats always? fall on their feet

When we see the skill with which cats walk on the roof and other high areas, the first thing we think is that it’s a good thing that if they fall, they do it standing up. Otherwise, and looking at the heights at which the minions circulate, anyone would kill themselves.

However, today we explain how they manage to land on their feet and, also, you will see that they are not always that lucky.

Why cats land on their feet

Cats land on their feet because, during the fall, they have the ability to twist and rotate their body. That is, after losing its footing (or paw, rather), the kitten is able, in the time it spends suspended in the air and until it reaches the ground, to reposition itself and thus fall on its paws avoiding hitting another area of the body such as the head or the back.

Both its hair and tail help the cat to land well. The hair forms folds that slow down the rate at which it falls, i.e., they function like a parachute. The tail also serves as a rudder to stabilize the position of the body.

At low altitude it does not work

Despite their ability, cats, if they fall from a low height (less than 3 meters) do not have time to turn around and can get very hurt. And in any case, their little legs always suffer.