A world without cats? What nonsense

Escrito por Mundo Cachorro

Cats, although adorable pets, are also animals with many detractors. Some people think that a cat is a dirty, aggressive, unfriendly animal and a source of diseases. Stray cats, especially, earn the animosity of those who, mistakenly, denounce that a street without cats is a dirty street and a focus of infections. It should be remembered, however, that it is not cats that litter, but people.

The chaos of a world without cats

There are experts who point out that if cats were to disappear, people’s health would even worsen. And the fact is that petting a cute kitten reduces stress and makes us feel happier.

But this theory is based not only on sentimentality, but also on the fact that the absence of cats would increase the plagues of rats and other animals, and with that we would run out of food. And, in addition to eating our grains, the rats would exterminate the birds. Farewell to the beautiful flight of birds in the sky.

Apart from this, a world without cats would increase unemployment. Apparently, Spain is the main exporter of one of the components of cat litter, sepiolite.

If we take a look at the internet, we will find many funny videos, and images starring cats in curious poses.

So, you know, a world without cats would be chaos. And we don’t ask that you like cats, just that you respect their life and their environment. Those who litter the streets are not cats, but uncivilized people.