Calculate your cat’s “human age”!

All of us whohave a pet cat have surely wondered how many human years it has; that is, what is the equivalence between the age of our feline and the years we have as human beings. In this regard, formulas have been developed to calculate this age. Today, in puppy world, we help you to know how old your companion is.

Factors to consider

As is well known, according to popular belief, the human age of the dog is calculated as 7 years; that is, one year of the canine is equivalent to 7 human years. On the other hand, until now, the human feline age was an unveiled mystery and likewise, on the other hand, with respect to cats (and as it usually happens) several myths have been created that have no scientific basis whatsoever (the 7 or 9 lives and so on). However, in order to reliably approach the most exact equivalence possible, the animal’s stages of development must first be taken into account.

Discover your human age

In order to make a correct equivalence between the feline’s life and the human age, the stage that occurs during the first two years of the kitten’s life must be taken into account. In this case, it is the phase in which the animal will develop the most important processes to become an adult. According to all these calculations, 1 feline year corresponds to 15 human years; so now, you just have to do the math.