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How to feed my inseparable bird

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They are sweet, colorful and those little eyes with which they look at us melt our hearts. If you have had the opportunity to raise birds by hand, it is an experience you will never forget, and will certainly want to repeat. It is also true that raising a bird, of any kind, requires many hours of free time and a lot of dedication. It is a hard task that can be more of a sacrifice than a game. A baby bird needs to eat all the time and, of course, you are the person in charge of feeding it, it can’t do it alone. If you are determined to raise birds by hand, we show you how to feed a baby bird that will be your faithful companion for life. I’m talking about the inseparable.

Feeding your inseparable bird

It is not advisable to take him away from his mother before he is 20 days old. From this age onwards, you should feed your inseparable papillary every four hours, making sure that it receives no less than five meals a day. At 25 days old, you can reduce the intake to four per day. And with 30 days already just three days away. After 45 days, feedings will be reduced to two, one in the early morning and the second in the evening before bedtime.

From the age of two months onwards, the birdseye will start to play with birdseed. For two weeks, continue to feed him with the night feed, but make sure that he eats some of the seeds.

In terms of dosage, three 9 ml syringes are the most common. However, it depends on the individual inseparable. So make sure that the crop is full and regulate the quantity.