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The countryside is for dogs

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When we want to take a getaway and we have pets, there are times when our furry friend becomes the main headache. We thought about where to go, and where we could go that would be beneficial for both of us. A great idea if we feel like getting away from the city for a day or a weekend is to go to the countryside. You will be able to open your lungs and you and your dog will gain in health. And if that’s not enough, you’ll have a blast! Of course, like all outings, and even more so if there are small children (substitute here “pets”), they must be well organized.

What you should not miss in your backpack

It is better to be proactive because we will be glad in case of any accident or unforeseen event. Starting with the departure, do not forget to carry in the car a separation net for the back if the dog is large, or its carrier if it is small.

And now take note so as not to forget anything:

  • Lots of water. And make sure it is in a drinking fountain or device suitable for your dog to drink easily.
  • Food. You can take feed with you or prepare a picnic menu for him. As you both like it.
  • An emergency kit
  • The strap
  • Towels, if you are going to be on the river you will need them.
  • Toys

Also, if your dog suffers from allergies, take antihistamines if prescribed by your veterinarian. Avoid areas of nettles and other plants likely to cause hives. In case of mouth or skin irritations, wash the area with water and vinegar to relieve itching.