The importance of play for our dogs

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Surely, we have noticed how a newborn puppy acts with its mother. You may have noticed that most of the time she either bangs her muzzle against the baby’s body or licks it frequently. This is the way the child learns and becomes aware of the world around him.

Play: vital in development

Play in animals (particularly in dogs) is a matter of great importance for their physical and mental development, as well as for their educational levels, limits and good coexistence with their environment. If our dog does not manage to be inserted in a good play system from puppyhood, for sure, he will grow up as a conflictive animal with serious social problems in his adulthood.

Different games according to character

If our dog is somewhat “unfriendly” or “bitter“, we should not play games with him that involve force or brutality, since in this way, we will be reinforcing this type of character.

If the dog is the “nervous” type , we should avoid the type of play that consists of throwing things for him to reach; this type of play will only upset him more than is natural.
Undoubtedly, the most advisable to initiate them in the game is the ball.