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Facts to know about your rabbit

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Rabbits are adorable, intelligent and cuddly, although some are also more surly. Each rabbit has its own personality, just like any other person. It is essential to know how to understand what he wants to communicate, so you will both be very happy together. Take note.

What does my rabbit want

Licking your hand: If you lick your owner’s hand, or push it with your nose, or rub with your chin marking your master’s skin you are showing your affection.

Pay attention when you see him push objects with his head, because if it is a plate, he is telling you that he is hungry. If what he pushes are his toys, he wants to play.

If it is lying down, with its front legs stretched out, be calm, because the animal is relaxed. If, on the other hand, you see him crouched down with his legs curled up, it means that he is in a state of alertness. If this position is maintained all day long, and he does not want to eat and is not as lively as usual, be aware that he may be sick.

Loud squeaking or gnashing of teeth means that something hurts, and a lot! Run to the vet without wasting a minute. Your rabbit ‘s life could be in serious danger. Don’t confuse teeth grinding with purring. If he grinds his teeth slightly while you are petting him, and he is active, eats normally and continues as usual, he likes your caresses.

If he is afraid, your rabbit will hit the ground with his paws. Take care that he calms down soon, lest he hurts himself from so many blows.