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How to cure a urinary tract infection in dogs: Top tips.

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How to cure a urinary tract infection in dogs: Most important tips

The transmission of bacteriophages through the excretions of our pets is one of the most common domestic diseases in our times, hence the importance of always knowing how to cure a urinary tract infection. Their different effects seem to be attenuated with the progress of time and are easily identifiable and usually merit immediate treatment.

Urinary tract infection in dogs: main symptoms and main causes.

This type of ailment is caused by the action of a specific microorganism called Escherichia coli and all its variants, although it can also be caused by multiple families of strains and bacteria, incubated in the saline accumulation inside their bladders. Its identification underlies symptoms such as uric bleeding, cloudy urine, mild depression, swollen genitals and fever.

Due to their anatomical characteristics, female dogs are at a higher risk of suffering from this type of infection. In general, it is recommended that your pet be taken to a veterinarian who, through the use of different uroculture methods, will make a general diagnosis of the state of its excretory apparatus in order to propose a personalized treatment.

Most important medications that your veterinarian will advise you to take into account.

From the medical point of view, amoxicillin is a powerful eliminator of bacterial colonies, an element that your veterinarian will recommend in the first instance after having made the first diagnoses. The procedure involved in knowing how to cure a urinary tract infection from the biological point of view will involve a progressive supply of this substance according to its resistance to the compound.

Other widely used elements are usually the well-known cephalexin and enrofloxacin, gradually dosed in terms of delivery, in small amounts that clearly differ from human treatments. Their effects tend to be stronger, hence they are used in cases with a more prolonged progression.

How to cure a urinary tract infection using natural treatments and home remedies.

There is always the possibility of supporting this type of treatment with more natural and economical measures, not discarding medical advice and continuous revision. There are only three alternatives that can help your pet to improve its condition at home, the first of them, mechanical hydration favors the cleaning of its main urinary tract, therefore it is advisable to use a regular syringe.

Several properties of orange juice also prove to be antiseptic, hence its addition to daily water is a highly recommended option. Do not rule out the use of apple cider vinegar with similar properties, with a frequency of application of three tablespoons daily. Other natural medicine alternatives also highlight the benefits of mustard, lapacho, nigelia zativa and olive leaf.

Polydipsia and piluria: Other signs that your dog needs urgent medical treatment.

In the presence of an advanced infection, the general symptomatology to be presented during this type of case will tend to vary greatly depending on the site and area in which the invading bacterium has lodged.

The most important warning signs are also usually excessive water consumption clinically referred to as polydipsia, or an increased volume of uric excretion or piluria both resulting from inflammation of the main ducts.

Adequate prevention and total hygiene are always the best remedies, together with good care habits, as long as we always know how to cure a urinary tract infection in the most effective and gentle way possible.