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Is the BARF diet suitable for a two-month-old puppy?

When the pet has just been weaned, its owners are usually very concerned about feeding it an adequate diet, which promotes the correct growth of the animal. The BARF diet is ideal at this time, it is a complete and integral nutritional plan.

the BARF diet for a puppyDiet is one of the most important factors in maintaining the health of our pets. Proper and balanced nutrition will allow a dog to be healthy, happy and with a beautiful coat. Diet is an essential part of a canine’s well-being, and as owners, we have an immense responsibility to provide the most optimal food.

The food, of course, must be appropriate for the age. The dog will have different nutritional needs at each stage of its life, so it is very important to determine the menu to be consumed, in order to promote its correct growth and development.

In this scenario, the question many are asking is:
what to feed a 2 month old puppy?
The truth is that there are quite a few options to consider, however, not all of them are the best for the puppy to grow up completely healthy.

Many owners, either out of laziness or ignorance, provide puppies with feed for 2 year old dogs. Although these foods are inexpensive, the truth is that they are not the most suitable for canines, due to a long series of factors. Therefore, it is recommended to feed them raw foods more similar to those eaten by early species, such as wolves.

The BARF type diet is notable for consisting of 60% raw meat and bones, with the rest being vegetables, legumes and grains. As it is a biologically appropriate diet, it can be fed to a 2-month-old developing puppy. That’s right, always under the supervision of a veterinarian, who can keep the correct control of growth and nutrition.

What does it consist of?

The BARF diet is a special type of food that emerged to counteract the typical feed and cereal-based diets that are increasingly given to pets. Veterinarian Ian Billinghurst noticed that feedstuffs, when extruded with high amounts of heat, lost their enzymes and nutritional properties, also affecting protein. They even affected the dental health of canines.

Ian Billinghurst then devised the BARF diet, inspired by the diet of evolutionary ancestors. of dogs, i.e. wolves. He designed a nutritional plan that was adapted to the needs of the canines, always taking into account which foods they should eat, taking into account their evolution. The main food, then, is raw meat.

Bones are also an important part of the BARF diet, as long as they are fed in a proper way, also raw. According to proponents of this diet, raw meat and bone maintain their natural properties and are perfect foods for animals such as dogs, regardless of their age. They can even be ideal for 2-month-old puppies, as long as they have gone through the weaning process.

As mentioned, vegetables, legumes and grains are also included in the BARF diet. However, these are administered as a secondary food, always functioning as an accompaniment to meat, bones and offal. They are added to the diet to supplement the animal’s nutrition, and can be administered as follows both raw and slightly cooked, depending on the type of food.depending on the type of food.

Online it is possible to buy
BARF diets ideal for puppies
ready to serve, so that it is possible to have everything the dog needs to eat, already packed and separated. Those who wish to elaborate the diet by themselves can do so by buying the ingredients in any supermarket, however, they will need some help to prepare the appropriate daily portions, with the correct amounts.

The ideal is to buy the diet already prepared, so that it is clear how many portions the animal will eat and how many portions of each food are indicated to maintain a balanced BARF diet. However, it is always advisable to consult a veterinarian, so that he/she can adapt the diet to the nutritional needs of each specific pet.

The benefits of the BARF diet

The BARF diet offers a number of benefits over traditional diets based on feed or kibble. The BARF diet is based on what a dog should eat, according to its evolution and natural needs, replicating a little of the nutrients it would get if it lived in the wild, as its evolutionary ancestors used to do.

However, vegetables and other foods are added to accompany the diet, thus achieving a completely effective and balanced nutrition. nutrition completely effective and balanced.. In this way, the longevity of the animal can be increased, and its state of health can be kept optimal in its entirety.

The BARF diet also helps to maintain the health of the dog’s mouth and teeth. Eating raw food prevents tartar from remaining on the teeth, cleaning them and keeping them hygienic. This can help prevent bacteria from building up.

Increased hydration is another advantage of feeding raw foods to a dog. Wet foods contain more water, making the canine have less need to drink liquids, but they also have a higher water content. maintaining adequate hydration to carry out their activities.

Overweight and obesity are problems that will not exist with a proper BARF diet. By dispensing with processed foods, the pet’s weight will be kept in the right range, avoiding problems that may affect its general condition.

In addition, a dog on a BARF diet will see an increase in appetite. Raw food has a much more intense flavor than cooked or processed food, making them even more eager to eat every time they go to eat.

In conclusion, the BARF diet is recommended not only for 2-month-old puppies, but also for adult dogs that require a change in their diet to be healthier. In this way, the canine will be able to live longer, happier and healthier.