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Homemade food for canaries

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Although there are all kinds of products on the market to feed our canaries correctly and keep them in a perfect state of health, there are expert canary breeders who prefer to prepare some homemade food at home to reinforce the animal’s defenses at different periods of its life.

Although birds eat practically everything, it is also true that their organism is quite delicate, so it is advisable to pay attention to the food we are going to give them, as well as to make sure they eat and drink happily. A bird that does not eat for a few hours may be a bird prey to a serious disease. The birds’ metabolism is so fast that a few hours without a bite to eat or without hydration can be fatal.

Homemade porridges

Whether it is because they are chicks and we want them to grow strong, because the breeding period is approaching and we want their hormones to be stimulated to the maximum, or because they are sick and we have to help them recover, the most common homemade foodfor canaries are the following:

They are available with sprouted seeds, cous cous, brewer’s yeast and 8 cereal porridge. This is usually the basis of all porridge. In addition to these ingredients, we can add hard-boiled eggs and vegetables such as lettuce, carrots or broccoli.

Another aid to the canary‘s digestion and immune system, especially if it is convalescing, is to add proflora avis to the food to reinforce its bacterial flora.