The rabbit: a tooth factory

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Maintaining a healthy mouth has become for us humans almost an obsession that torments us, even causing us nightmares in which we lose our teeth. If we were a rabbit or a hamster, we would not have this problem, and we could almost say that they have a tooth factory in their mouth.

rabbits teethThe roots of their teeth remain open and grow throughout their lives. For this reason, those of us who have a rabbit as a pet observe the love of these little animals to gnaw everything, from a piece of cloth, for example our clothes, to the legs of the chairs, and even try it with the wall. Biting is not an act of rebellion, nor does it define a destructive animal, but rather responds to a need.

A rodent ‘s diet should include hard foods, such as raw vegetables, and above all, a food that should NEVER be missing, is hay. In addition to satiating his voracious appetite without fattening him, hay will help him digest and, by the way, chewing will contribute to the wear and tear of his teeth.

In exceptional cases, the teeth will overgrow, he will not be able to eat on his own, and we will have to go to the veterinarian.
. The latter will trim the teeth of our rodent and file them down.

As useful toys for their teeth we can give them pieces of untreated wood, fruit tree trunks, or cardboard boxes. Toys and other objects for this purpose are sold in the market.