Other Pets

A fish called “Carp”.

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While the hamsters tend to frighten younger children, dogs require a lot of responsibility or the peak of the birds the time to feed them, the food they eat, and the cold water fish In this case, they are the ideal pet to start learning the value of responsibility.

carp how to take care of itFish are recommended for everyone and not for not being an animal that does not interact with its owner is a worse pet: they are the perfect companion for someone with little time or allergic to hair.

What care do the tents require?

The most common fish are carp. Almost everyone has had one once or knows someone who has. They are small fish, orange or golden, that go in groups. If you are going to buy tents, you should take at least a couple, although they also live relatively well on their own.

They don’t need a large tank, but still make sure it has plenty of space. You can decorate the inside with dolls and special colored stones. Do not buy just anywhere or put any object inside the tank: their livelihood is water and you can easily contaminate it. The food will be cheap and very profitable, since you only have to give three small pieces to each carp per day.