What a healthy ferret diet looks like

The ferret is a curious and charismatic animal, but to keep it in good health, it is vital to have the right diet. However, because ferrets require a specific diet and are particularly sensitive to certain digestive problems, the task of feeding them properly becomes an odyssey for many.

This makes it extremely important for anyone interested in adopting this charismatic animal to know what a ferret’s healthy diet is like.

Feeding ferrets

Ferrets have a fast metabolism, so they need to have access to food and water at all times, consuming little but frequently. This characteristic is fundamental, since the amount of feed and its nutritional value will depend to a great extent on the age, state of health, level of activity and reproductive status.

A ferret’s healthy diet should be balanced, with animal protein being the mainstay. Ferrets are strict carnivores that do not have a very good relationship with lactose, fiber and complex carbohydrates, so it is best to avoid foods that contain a high level of the latter.

The dry feed specially designed for ferrets is the best option when it comes to feeding them, since it is designed for them and contains all the nutrients and proteins they need to maintain a good state of health. Always try to choose quality feed, because the lower the quality of the product, the less nutrition the ferret will receive.

The feed composition should be at least 35/40% animal protein, but not by-products such as claws or other discarded parts. With a maximum of 15/20% fat, preferably from poultry. And a maximum of 4% fiber. It is vital to make sure that any food selected for the ferret contains vitamins A, C and E, as well as taurine.

Natural feeding of ferrets

In addition to the feed, the person can opt for a natural feeding of the ferret.
natural feeding of the ferret
However, this is much more complex. Since it is the owner who prepares the food, the inclusion of all the crucial elements for the ferret falls on him. In addition to the need to use food supplements to ensure a complete and balanced diet.

Ferrets, being hunting animals, can consume not only the meat and fat of their prey, but also the viscera and internal organs. Therefore, some people choose to feed them with rodents or other small animals as is done with snakes. But this is not possible for everyone, being the most recommended options to provide them with cooked chicken, turkey, veal or offal such as liver or kidneys. It can be added as a complement to feed.

Meat must always be well cooked, never raw or semi-cooked! And avoid giving pork and human food as much as possible.

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