German Shepherd, an example of intelligence and fidelity

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One of the most popular breeds for its ductility, gentleness and beauty is undoubtedly the German Shepherd.

These dogs have particularities that distinguish them from other breeds, their origins as guardians of wolf herds made them develop an admirable bravery and intelligence.

  • Name: German Shepherd
  • Other names: German Shepherd
  • Type: Working and companion dog Origin: Germany
  • Weight: 30-40 kg for males, 22-32 kg for females
  • Height: 60-65 cm for males, 55-60 cm for females.
  • Color: Formerly only black and fur, now there are many color varieties. The standard accepts tan to solid black.
  • Coat: Double coat, dense under the neck and a mane covering it.
  • Temperament: Activity, vigilance, protection. Intelligent, obedient and faithful to his master.
  • Longevity: 12-14 years Use: Police dog, rescue, herding, guide for the blind, therapy. Excellent companion and guard dog.
  • Care: Frequent cleaning and daily exercise. Requires space to run.
  • Diseases: Hip dysplasia, skin problems.[/su_box]

Some history

During the late 19th century, Maximilian von Stephanitz, a cavalry captain in the German army, produced the first specimen of the breed named Horand von Grafath .

This was a grayish-haired stallion with great character and vigor. After a few decades, the breed was perfected, achieving the standardization of the characteristics we see today in German Shepherds.

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The German Shepherd Dog is a dog of great intelligence, so much so that man has used its strength and endurance to turn it into a watchdog, attack dog and herding dog; its intelligence and gentleness for work as a guide and detection of drugs and explosives.

At the same time, it is a breed that adapts without problems to family life, is not aggressive and will never attack its companions.

It is necessary to emphasize that pets, beyond the inherited characteristics of their breed, are always a reflection of their owners.

This type of dog requires a master with a firm character and a great handling of animals.