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How to choose a hamster?

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When choosing a hamster, we should not base our choice solely on the color or size of the hamster, as these are characteristics that are of little importance beyond our tastes.

If it is going to be for a small child, as they are ideal pets to instill values of responsibility and care.
If it is for a small child, we must make sure that it is a peaceful rodent.

A few things to consider when buying a hamster

In general, hamsters are friendly, but inappropriate treatment can alter the mood of our little friend and make it hostile. This can be seen when we put our hand inside the cage: if the animal tries to bite you or gets on its back it is showing aggressive behaviors, so it is not the most suitable for a child. Not for you either if you don’t want a real challenge!

Another important thing to look for when buying a hamster is the coat. It should be fluffy, smooth, and shiny. It is one way to measure their health, as well as checking that their four little legs are in perfect condition is another way. To differentiate an old hamster from a young hamster you have to look at the little hairs on the ears. The older ones grow inside.

An active hamster will be curious about everything, don’t forget.