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How to keep a rabbit in an apartment or house with limited space

If you want to have a pet, but don’t have a lot of space, you may want to consider having this charming rodent. You can keep a rabbit in an apartment or a house that does not have much space, as it is clean and a very sociable animal.

In many parts of the world people are turning to adopting one to three rabbits as furry family relatives, as they live well in human spaces and are happy in an environment without predators or unexpected events that may frighten them. You just have to meet their needs.


A rabbit needs a large cage with room for food, water and a place to sleep. With the right substrate, they will use the space to relieve themselves, which will make it easier to clean their habitat.

Look for a comfortable feeder and place his vegetables in a ball or pendant that will attract his attention and encourage him to eat them easily. You should also have a divider for the hay, which is important so that the hay does not mix with their urine. These elements will make a rabbit a happy companion.


A rabbit can eat standard rodent food. However, they need their diet to contain all kinds of fruits and vegetables, which satisfy their range of needs as herbivores. They can eat everything from bananas, apples, oranges and tangerines, to fennel, the classic carrot or pumpkins.

To take care of their health, it is necessary to continuously provide them with hay so that they can wear down their teeth and prevent malformations resulting in dental malocclusion. This is the endless growth of their teeth, which can seriously injure them. That is why you should always have hay or wood to gnaw on as a second alternative.

Rabbit care in an apartment

If the space in which the human lives is not very large, it is advisable to opt for a rabbit breed that does not exceed 4 kilos in adult weight, in order to facilitate coexistence and general care. It is important to sterilize them to protect their health and to prevent them from territorial behavior such as digging, spraying and aggressive behavior.

Make sure you have a veterinarian experienced in treating rabbits to ensure their treatment if anything should happen to them. And when it leaves its cage (it should do so at least 2 hours a day), make sure that it does not run into electric cables or cleaning implements that can intoxicate it if it ingests them.

You can give him for his entertainment old phone books that he can safely gnaw through, paper bags and rabbit toys that you can find at a pet supply store. Change them preferably every 15 to 20 days. This will keep him entertained and he will be less inclined to gnaw on harmful objects.

Finally, make sure that a rabbit in an apartment has cool places to stay. If possible, provide your apartment with an air conditioner, which will provide coolness to both of you when the high temperatures rise.

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