The torture of going to the veterinarian

The visit to the veterinarian always becomes a torture for both the animals and their owners. It doesn’t matter if your pet is a dog, a cat or even a rabbit, they all learn what “visiting the vet” is all about. And, of course, none of them like the idea. The attitude of the animals is understandable. Do you like going to the doctor? I’m sure you’ll answer no. For pets, veterinarianis synonymous with harm and pain. Although it is obviously a necessary step.

Pampering for the most special patient

Surely your pet, especially if it is a dog, already knows the way to the veterinarian’s office. And sure enough, as soon as you get to the door, it will buckle and slam on the brakes. He may even refuse to go beyond the door. Understand, poor thing. Pricks, the uncomfortable thermometer, the handling of his mouth, a myriad of annoying activities for him.

With an animal we must act the same way as when we try to get a child to face his fears in order to overcome them: with absolute calm and ignoring his tantrums. And if you behave completely normal, your pet will learn that there is no reason to be afraid. Being an overprotective master is bad for the pet.

To relax, a long walk before going to the veterinarian will help. And, of course, to pamper and reward the pet before, during and after the veterinary consultation. However, rewards should only be given when he is relaxed, and never if he is nervous.