Feed your dog the right amount of food

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Food is one of the most important most important responsibilities a person has when owning a furry friend under their care. Managing this aspect is a somewhat complicated task for the first-timers, because not only do they have to worry about the quality of the food but also whether it has all the nutrients it needs and whether it is being supplying the right amount to the dog.

These two points, especially the one about feeding your dog the appropriate amount of food, are a constant source of concern about the possibility of not feeding the dog correctly. For this reason, it is necessary for the person to be aware of the following aspects and the factors that require customization to make sure that that your furry friend is receiving the best of care.

General aspects

The amount of food needed for a dog varies greatly according to certain factors, which are the following stages life style, race, special conditions and lifestyle. All these elements are the ones who decide the amount of food and nutrients that a person needs to ingest. dog to stay healthy. An example of this is that a dog of size cannot and does not need to ingest the same amounts of food as a small child. large or giant size dog, but on the contrary, it does need to eat more times a day.

In the different stages of a dog’s life (puppy, young adult, adult, and senior adult), there will be different needs for nutritional needs that the person needs to cover in order to keep him healthy and strong in the face of but, in addition to these needs, it is also necessary to distribute specific amounts of food to the animal so that it can digest the food. and properly assimilate the nutrients that are being given.

The number of times it should be given The amount of food per day and the quantity will depend exclusively on these characteristics. If the dog belongs to a small breed, leads a sedentary lifestyle, and If you have a heart disease, you will not be able to receive the same amount of food as you would receive if you a healthy and physically active life.

How do you know what is the amount appropriate for food?

There are several ways to determine the appropriate amount of food to feed a canine, one of which is to go to a veterinarian of confidence, preferably with a specialty in nutrition, for study the condition of the pet and choose the right amount according to your size, level of physical activity and whether you have any health conditions special.

If feed is used as your source of main food, you can use the reference table that comes in the packaging to give an approximate. This serves as the basis, since the rest of the The work relies on the individual characteristics of the dog, i.e., style of life and special health conditions.

When homemade food is used, it is of the utmost importance to The amount must be specified by a veterinarian who specializes in nutrition, as it is the individual who has to directly control the nutrients given to the animal. Along with this, the same formula is followed as in the previous cases, the needs are analyzed according to their breed, stage, lifestyle and health conditions, and select the amount that best suits your needs. convenient to the dog.

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