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Teach your cockatoo to go to the bathroom in 5 steps

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It is common knowledge in the world of pets that you can potty train a dog and a cat, but can you teach a dog and a cat to go to the bathroom? can a cockatoo also be taught to go? As strange as it may seem, the The answer is yes, although not in the same way as their four-year-old peers. legs.

Despite the enormous differences between a dog and a cockatoo, they can both be taught to go to the but this requires patience, perseverance, understanding and the total commitment of the delivery of the person. Teach your cockatoo to go to the toilet in 5 steps and know the fundamental information about it.

Important information

The first thing to note and which is necessary that the person knows, is that cockatoos and birds in general do not have a system to control their sphincters, as dogs, cats and cats do. human beings; it is for this reason that they make their needs everywhere and for that reason they which “forcing” them to have a bowel movement when the person wants to is not a “compulsion. feasible, and in fact it is even dangerous for the animal’s life.

If, through training, it is possible to the cockatoo will relieve itself at the exact time selected by the person, even if the if the animal has nothing in its intestines, the effort expended could cause intestinal prolapse. This is why it is essential that the the one that best suits the characteristics of your pet and create from it. the best “potty training” strategy, but how can you teach your child to go to the bathroom? do this?

First of all, having clarified the above, is to analyze the cockatoo, more specifically, how often it makes its and what are the signs he/she gives before bowel movements. This can vary greatly from specimen to specimen, so it is important to take into account that time until you are sure of your bowel movement routine.

After that, it will be necessary to use the habit and positive reinforcement to teach your cockatoo to go to the bathroom.

Steps to teach your cockatiel to go to the bathroom

As explained in point In the following, the steps to be taken will be presented in more detail. follow to successfully teach your cockatoo to go to the bathroom:

  1. Study their habits and measure each how long he/she performs his/her needs.
  2. Choose a location (preferably his cage or the place where he spends the most time) where appropriate and cover it with newspaper or another item of your choice. preference.
  3. Every time the time to relieve itself, it takes the cockatoo to the selected site. or place the papers under it and wait.
  4. Once you make your the paper with a caress, repeats the whole process, and then procedure until the bird gets used to it and positions itself on its own on the place indicated before you have to evacuate. Remember that this takes time.
  5. Never force or coerce her. punish you for “having accidents” and understand that he is not doing it to make you She’s just the way she is and as her partner you have to learn how to respect it.

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