Prohibited foods for cats

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Prohibited foods for catsRecently we talked about those foods that we should avoid giving to dogs and our friends the cats were not going to be less, since food is the undisputed key to the health and welfare of felines.

A cat that is in poor health will not be able to run, will not be able to climb, will not be able to wash itself and this will make it depressed. If
we take care of our diet
If we take care of our diet, we already have a point in favor against diseases (although they cannot always be avoided).

What foods should you not feed your cat?

The list of
foods that dogs do not tolerate well
The list of foods that dogs do not tolerate works well for cats as well, as the problems are similar.

The chocolate has a toxin for them that accelerates their heart rate with fatal consequences. Cats, although it may not seem so from popular beliefs, do not digest lactose well either, so no milk for an adult cat.

Cured sausage (ham, sausage, etc.) is not for them, although the taste is attractive to them. It is best to feed chicken or turkey breast. Also avoid dog food. Occasionally it will not harm them, but a prolonged intake will not provide them with the nutrients that cats require, as their needs are different.

It is best to stick to foods that are made for them, such as feed or wet food. Even if you feel like having a treat, the feline treats are designed with their digestive system in mind.