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Live with a Ferret

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living with a ferret

In European countries and the United States, these little friends of the mustelid family are gaining more and more popularity over the years. Ferrets have been domesticated for many years but until some time ago they were only used for hunting purposes.

Get to know them better

Those who already own a ferret strongly affirm that these animals are almost as sociable as a dog and more so than a cat. If you decide to raise one, you should know that they are very curious, friendly, energetic, playful and will love to play with you or with the younger members of the household. In this regard, you should be careful, as it has very strong jaws that can pierce people’s skin.

Precautions and feeding

Likewise, you should also know that they love to crawl into the most hidden holes, inside household appliances or between folding chairs; therefore, if the house is not specially conditioned for their presence, the ferret’s life is in serious danger.

Regarding their diet, they are carnivores by nature; therefore, their diet cannot be supplemented with soy or vegetable-based foods. Cat food is not recommended either (because it is for cats), but a meat-based diet or special food for cats sold at veterinaries.

If you decide to adopt a ferret, you will not regret it.