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Why a guinea pig is a good pet for children

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A guinea pig can be a good pet for the little ones in the house because it can teach them to acquire responsibilities. In addition, guinea pigs are usually very friendly animals that adapt to life with humans very quickly. In this article we leave you with some tips you should know before deciding to get a pet guinea pig.

Caring for a guinea pig

The guinea pig: A good pet for children

The guinea pig is a small animal that belongs to the rodent family. It is necessary to know that although she may need a few days to adjust to home life, once she feels safe she will become part of the family.

A guinea pig is a good pet for kids because you will be able to involve them in different aspects of their upbringing and give them responsibilities. For example, you can build the habitat for the guinea pig with the kids from scratch and consider it a kind of project. You can also assign them some responsibilities regarding the feeding of the guinea pig.

4 things to consider before buying a guinea pig

It is also important that you teach the children to treat the guinea pig, and in general any animal, in a respectful way. They will be able to play with it, avoiding taking it by the back. This is because this is the way in which predators of this species usually attack them, so they will not take it well and may even react by biting. It should be noted that guinea pigs rarely bite, but may do so as an instinctive reaction to being picked up by the back.

On the other hand, a well-cared-for guinea pig can have a fairly long life. This is, according to experts in the field, between eight and ten years. An average guinea pig will weigh no more than 1.5 kilos.

The guinea pig care you need to know

Recommendations at home

Guinea pigs need to have a habitat that you can buy in specialized stores. They also need some games to entertain themselves, as they are very active animals.

In general, a cage about 80 centimeters long with 40 centimeters wide and another 40 centimeters high will suffice. It is necessary to have a container for hay, a container for water and a feeder.

It must also have a substrate that will need to be renewed at least weekly. Depending on the type of substrate you use, it may even be renewed earlier. It is recommended that you remove the feces daily to avoid bad odors and improve your pet’s hygiene.

Guinea pigs love to nibble on everything within reach, so it is recommended that you keep an eye on them at home. On the other hand, once they are confident, it is good to let them out of their den, but only if you are present.

Regarding food, guinea pigs need it to be varied and nutritious. In the market there are different feeds specially elaborated for these animals. In some cases you can combine the feed with fresh food, but in any case it is advisable to follow the veterinarian’s recommendations to keep your guinea pig in good health.

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