Caring for a guinea pig

If not long ago we talked about ferrets, we can’t forget about other furry critters that make great pets: guinea pigs. They are rodents about twenty centimeters long and weigh from 800 grams to 1 kilo. These animals are gregarious, so it is convenient to have more than one, but, in case you cannot, you must have time to attend to the social needs of the guinea pig.

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What does a guinea pig eat?

The guinea pig’s diet consists basically of fiber and vitamin C. Fiber will be obtained through forage such as hay and vitamins from fruits and vegetables such as apples, carrots or lettuce. It should be ingested daily. We can also offer feed for guinea pigs, which already comes with a vitamin C reinforcement. The water should be changed every day and preferably distilled water.

Where is our guinea pig going to live?

The guinea pig is a large rodent, so its cage should have enough space so as not to overwhelm the critter. A rabbit hutch typecage is perfect for him. It should be conditioned with wood shavings and a sleeping hut. You will clean it once a week and disinfect it once a month.