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4 things to consider before buying a guinea pig

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Guinea pigs, also known as guinea pigs, are extremely popular and sought-after pets, especially in families with children.

These rodents of South American origin make anyone fall in love almost instantly thanks to their natural charm and friendliness, in addition to being great companions in the home.

However, many people are unaware of and disregard the care required for guinea pigs, causing future complications that may affect the animal’s well-being.

This is why it is important to be aware of the 4 things to consider before buying a guinea pig.

Before acquiring a guinea pig

Although it may sound a bit crude, it is important to emphasize from the beginning that guinea pigs are not toys, and that just like any living being, they require care and attention from their human companions.

The commitment to care for a guinea pig usually lasts approximately seven years, so the person must be mentally prepared to take on the responsibility and look after its welfare.

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In this sense, the person must be sure that he or she can meet the basic needs of a guinea pig. guinea pigincluding its food and environment.

Another point to emphasize and that is vital to know from the beginning, is that guinea pigs almost necessarily need to have a companion of the same species.

Rabbits are group animals, and both their mental and physical health is influenced by the presence of their peers.

A solitary guinea pig is highly likely to manifest health problems such as depression and even developmental complications.

For this reason, the acquisition of two specimens is the most recommended, preferably of the same sex, if you wish to have a guinea pig at home.

Acquisition of a guinea pig

At first glance, the only option available is to buy them at a pet store or from a breeder, however, as with other animals such as dogs and cats, there are other options.

In some places there is the possibility of acquiring a guinea pig acquire a guinea pig through adoption, through rescue centers and shelters.

In these places they usually take care of guinea pigs that have been abandoned by their previous owners and want a second chance with a loving human companion, so if you have this option do not hesitate to consider it.

Price of a guinea pig

A guinea pig can cost between 30-80 €, depending on the breed and origin. You will certainly need additional accessories.

Adoption stores and centers

An example of where you can search is: PetsPlace, TiendaMascotas, Mosteirinho, Protectoras animales.

Also ads in MilAnuncios and Wallapop.

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Medical considerations

Well cared for, guinea pigs can live their entire lives without any health complications.

For this, following their ideal diet, hygienic care (both of themselves and their cages), environmental conditions and biannual check-ups with the veterinarian, is more than enough.

However, at the time of acquiring a acquiring a guinea pigHowever, when acquiring a guinea pig, especially from pet stores or novice breeders, the person should look closely at the behavior and appearance of the animal to make sure it is not sick.

Things like sores on his skin, bald patches in his coat, signs of discharge from his eyes, mouth, nose or ears, or the presence of lumps or bumps on his body, are clear signs of illness.

Veterinary care

Basic vaccinations against diseases, periodic deworming, routine check-ups should be provided.

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The cage

Contrary to what one might think, it is the cage where the guinea pig is kept that causes real complications for people.

Feeding compared to other animals is simple, but meeting all the basic requirements of the cage can become a big challenge for some.

The cage should be large enough for the guinea pig to run and explore, especially if there is more than one guinea pig inside.

The minimum size for a specimen is 45×35 centimeters base and 65 centimeters height. The cage should be made of grids except for the floor part, and aquariums or plastic cages are not recommended for these animals.

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