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Prevent your dog from chewing your shoes

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Dogs tend to have a special fascination with their owners’ objects and on many occasions shoes are the target. The bad thing is that sometimes the fascination makes your dog bite your shoes and tear them apart. To avoid this, we have prepared in this post a series of tips and recommendations that you may find useful to avoid the destruction of objects.

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It should be remembered that dogs use their sense of smell, hearing and taste to discover the world around them. Sometimes, the different smells and textures of shoes, furniture and objects are attractive for them to chew on. It is also possible that a dog that is feeling bored or anxious, or simply wants attention, will nibble at objects around him.

Why your dog bites your shoes

The reality is that there can be many reasons why your dog bites your shoes. Let’s take a look at some of the most frequent causes of this “love” for shoes, be they tennis shoes, sneakers, boots or sandals.

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During the first months of life, puppies go through the teething process. It is very common that during this time they suffer from gum discomfort. This will bring your puppy the need to nibble on different textures to soothe discomfort.

To attract attention

It is possible that a dog that has been neglected for some time in its life will nibble on its owners’ clothes or shoes. This will be your way of attracting attention, because it will take the objects that people use the most. It should be noted that this is not a malicious attitude, but rather that your dog is seeking to get your attention in any way he can.

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To prevent a dog from destroying different objects, it is a good idea for them to have constant physical and mental stimulation. To do this you can provide him with at least three toys of different textures. This will keep you busy and you probably won’t remember to destroy more stuff. Remember that dogs need to expend their energy every day.

Preventing damage

As mentioned above, dogs need to release their energy every day. One of the ways they do this is by biting any object that comes into their possession. In addition, dogs learn about objects through their mouths. That is why the first impulse is to bite the objects to discover them.

You can prevent them from chewing on objects by simply moving them out of the way and directing attention to the objects they can chew on. For example, their toys. It is recommended that the toys be of different textures.

You will also be able to practice reinforcing his behavior to educate him. That is, when you see that he is biting something inappropriate, you can let him know through a change in your tone of voice and a reprimand. But when you see him chewing on his own toys, you can reward him with petting or even a special dog treat. You will soon learn which behaviors are correct.

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