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The guinea pig care you need to know

This rodent is a pet that has become very popular due to its lively personality and relatively easy attention span. The care of the guinea pig is economically accessible. Unlike the hamster, their health is a little more resistant. Therefore, if you want to have some kind of mouse, it is a highly recommended option.

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Guinea pigs also have colorful and attractive coats, which come in short, medium and long versions. Their charm is such that fans of these animals are already making them participate in beauty contests. If you wish to have a guinea pig, keep in mind that it needs the following care.

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A guinea pig requires a medium-sized cage in which it can move around comfortably. They can be with metal, plastic or glass bars, and ideally should be 1.2 meters long by 50 centimeters high and wide.

A substrate made of wood shavings is ideal for them to gnaw at ease, and also to do their needs in a hygienic way. He should also have a small bed, which can be a small pillow of his size or a set of clean cloths. Next to it there should be a drinking fountain and a bowl for their food.


You can feed a guinea pig standard rodent food available at any pet store. But as a good rodent, it will benefit most from consuming vegetables and fruits, especially those containing vitamin C, which is vital to its health.

Therefore, feed them lots of leafy greens such as lettuce, radicheta, spinach, Swiss chard, squash, carrots, or even apples. Avoid giving them citrus fruits directly, because they can cause diarrhea. Give a plentiful supply of vegetables throughout the day.

Wood for guinea pig care

Like all rodents, guinea pigs suffer from malocclusion. This is the overgrowth of teeth, which never stop developing. The only way to prevent this from happening to you is to provide you with the means to wear them out.

One of the ways is through food. Commercial feed that comes in grain forms helps to wear down your teeth. The other way is through wood or paper wear. You can use the shavings substrate or provide pieces of wood for them to chew on. Newsprint can perfectly fulfill this function.

Affectionate treatment

If there is one thing you must remember, it is that rodents’ defense is to be skittish, because in the wild that allows them to quickly flee from predators. Therefore, when picking up these mice, you must do so very carefully or they will want to move away from you, with the risk of harming themselves. Bring them to your chest with love, and do not make any sudden movements. It is a very important part of the guinea pig’s care, in order to have a close relationship with the guinea pig.