What are animal sanctuaries?

animal sanctuariesThe lives of farm animals, from birth, have been geared to a purpose. We humans see and treat them as if they were products to be traded, and not as living beings that feel cold, hunger, joy and sadness.
It is from this trafficking that animal sanctuaries have been created, places that rescue and take in these animals that have suffered the unimaginable.

The animals on the farms live in precarious situations, in very confined spaces where
are overcrowded, with a mechanized life, in which as long as the animal is alive it has to be exploited to generate profits for us.

A good example of this is the hens; he keeps them in rows next to each other with 24-hour light to produce more eggs, fed with hormone-enriched feed to make them grow faster…. And when they are no longer of use to us, their meat is sold to become part of our diet.

What are animal sanctuaries?

It is as a result of all this practice by the industry, mainly the food industry, that animal sanctuaries appear…

These are places set up to accommodate these animals so that they can live in a pleasant environment that they can see and feel at home.

They are not shelters where they are expected to be adopted, but a place where these animals can live free and recover from their former lifestyle.

But these are not only places where they welcome and offer a dignified life to animals that have been exploited, mistreated and humiliated; these sanctuaries also seek to raise awareness and educate us from a distance, as they are not zoos that expose animals to humans.

Anyone who wants to see what life is like for these little ones can volunteer or collaborate with them in any way possible.

The philosophy behind these animal sanctuaries is “humans and non-humans have the same philosophy.
importance. And based on that philosophy, they build places where all living beings have equal rights.

We are mainly talking about farm animals. And there are many animals rescued from the cruel food industry that have gone through the unbearable. But they not only welcome farm animals, but all types of animals that can live together in harmony.

In animal sanctuaries they fight for their freedom, integrity and rights with the conviction that their work contributes to creating a better world in which both animals and we are happy. And the truth is that their work makes this world a better place.

Did you know about animal sanctuaries?

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