Did you know that there is an animal cemetery in Hyde Park?

Yes, there is an animal cemetery in Hyde Park!

hyde park animal cemeteryYou may have visited this famous London park without knowing that there is an animal graveyard there.

Don’t worry! If so, you’re not alone. On the one hand, the park is not only the best known park in the city, but it is also a very large park. On the other hand, this cemetery is located in a discreet area.

The truth is that it is not the only cemetery that we can find today…. Gradually, they have become more popular and have become an ideal option for some pet owners, who prefer it to incineration, for example.

But the animal cemetery in Hyde Park is not a cemetery born of trends, awareness or more current fads. The one we found there is a cemetery dating from the Victorian era. It dates from 1881.
There rest the best companions of many people and human families, in peace. And their tombstones recall how immensely happy they made their owners with their company.

The animal cemetery in Hyde Park

As we said at the beginning, not many people know this cemetery. Not even many Londoners are aware that there is a Victorian-era pet cemetery in their city’s most famous park.

It is not only a curious corner, but also a striking one. And the fact is that seeing so many small tombstones is impressive and, to anyone who loves animals, a picture like this one, full of small tombstones, touches you deeply.

How to get to the Hyde Park Pet Cemetery

It is not easy, or at least it is not easy to find. This magical cemetery can only be found by entering the Victoria Gate Lodge Garden on Bayswater Road. Upon arrival you will find iron gates that delimit the space in which it is located. A place that, in spite of being in darkness, has a special charm; perhaps the one that the beautiful souls give it.


If you have visited, we would love to hear your impressions and experience. And if you haven’t seen it, maybe it’s an interesting fact and a nice place to note in your travel notebook for when you visit London.
We hope you liked it as much as we did learning about its existence… Until the next article, we wish you a happy week. Enjoy our furry friends!