Adoption Dogs

Adopt the dog breed that best suits you

You may think that all dogs are the same and while it is true because they are really all charming and companions, adopt the breed that best suits you.

Each dog breed for a different owner

If you haven’t adopted your puppy yet, there’s still time to do some research on which breed of dog is right for you. And I am not mentioning this as something discriminatory but because let’s suppose that you don’t have much strength and you adopt a puppy that will be huge when it grows up, it can throw you to the floor if you don’t train it well. There is a different breed for a different master and you should know with which one you both will feel better.

Adopting is better than buying

Without wishing to judge those who buy a puppy, it is always much nicer to adopt a dog without money involved. Think that you will be doing a favor to the dog that lives abandoned or in the street and at the same time you will feel a relief for having such a gesture. So think that adopting is better than buying You will be giving a home to a dog abandoned by its previous owners or sleeping in the street without any kind of protection.

Dog characteristics

The characteristics of the dogs are fundamental to take into account. It is always a good idea to find out how big the breed of dog you like will grow or if you want to adopt a puppy without looking at its coat color, etc.; do research what is the approximate size it will reach, its weight and the type of training it will have to have. It is not only a matter of teaching him to obey, but also that the dog has his sports routine in which he can run. So check if you are physically able to follow his training or choose a dog of a calmer breed that is not, for example, a hunter and does not need to be in constant movement.

Love is fundamental

If you have a dog you will know that love is fundamental and that beyond buying him toys, giving him his food and keeping him healthy; you have to give him your time and affection. He will know how to thank you with slobbery kisses, with four-legged hugs and always be by your side as you want. A dog is a member of the family and you must take care of him forever and give him his physical space to have privacy, to be alone for a while if he wants to be alone and to integrate again when he wants to, as we humans do.

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