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Guidelines for hamster hygiene (I)

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Hamsters are very clean animals by nature: they constantly groom themselves with their paws and their own saliva, but these measures are not enough to prevent future diseases such as infections or similar. Taking care of your hamster’s hygiene is taking care of its health.

Clean the cage

The cage should be methodically cleaned once or twice a week, even the bars should be disinfected, since, by definition, they are rodents and will nibble on them constantly. Leaving it uncleaned means, no more and no less, giving free access to the germs and bacteria that swarm in the environment. The feeder and drinker must also be cleaned regularly. Always check for soap residue by using blotting paper or leaving the accessories in the sun for a while.

The floor of the cage

For the cage floor, use materials such as hay, wood shavings, coarse soil or special hamster sand. Cat litter is also good, although it is not highly recommended because it dries out the paws of our rodents and ends up hurting them. Avoid newspaper, as they will nibble on it and the ink is toxic to them. It is best to buy or get recommended products for hamsters.