Bears addicted to jet fuel

bears addicted to kerosene

What we like most is to write about beautiful stories or curiosities about animals. Always in a positive key, if possible. But the truth is that it is also important that we echo what is not so positive, in order to raise awareness of the impact we are causing on the environment. And that’s what we’re going to talk about in this article, about a fact that is as incredible as it is surprisingly real: bears addicted to jet fuel.

Bears addicted to jet fuel

We are talking about the bears found in the Kronotsky Nature Reserve in the Russian Far East.

And what is happening there is that the resident grizzly bears, believed to be the largest in the world, “love” to suck up kerosene and the gasoline that still remains in this reserve.

The fuel to which the bears have become addicted is used for the helicopters and generators that are used by workers in the nature reserve.

Igor Shpilenok is a professional photographer and spent 7 months observing this bear community, which has allowed him to discover incredible facts…

Igor tells how the bears would breathe deeply for minutes of fuel before digging a hole and lying down in a “nirvana” position. The case is so surprising that the photographer claims that the addicted bears were watching the helicopters waiting for them to take off so that they could get closer to suck up the fuel left on the ground.
So much for the seriousness of the matter!

In this case, grizzly bear addiction is nothing more than a consequence of our impact on the planet. But as surprising as it may seem, the truth is that these bears are not the only ones who like to get high to travel to parallel realities; some days we will tell you about the Australian kangaroos that consume opium poppies, the Amazon jaguars addicted to caapi roots and other animals that like to get “high”.