5 reasons why you should sterilize your pet

Every year millions of animals are abandoned and join the ranks of those left on the street looking for a home. These dogs and cats, who have no one to care for them, are at great risk of illness and death in extreme conditions. Therefore, if you do not want to contribute to this problem, the best thing you can do is to sterilize your pet.

Some people compare the life of humans to that of animals, and feel that this means depriving them of the right to have a family. And if you think so, consider these aspects in which your dog or cat will benefit.

A longer and healthier life

When a female gives birth, she is exposed to the risk of contracting infections, or breast cancer. You may also suffer from birth complications that can affect your short- or long-term health. In short, a spayed female has a healthier and longer life.

A male at home

In the case of males, neutering has the benefit of a tendency to stay at home. A male dog or cat moves away from home, following the instinct to mate. As a result, the likelihood of them getting lost or looking for trouble increases. This gives rise to fights for other males, to win a female, from which they get hurt.

Spaying or neutering your pet will not make it fat

This is a common myth about spaying and neutering pets, but it must be understood that it is not true. What makes pets fat, just like humans, is overeating and a sedentary lifestyle. Do not stuff your pet with food, and make sure he/she exercises so that he/she does not put on weight.

No need to have offspring

Animal reproduction is an instinctive matter, not a social one as in humans. Your pet does not need to have offspring. When spayed, she focuses her affection on humans and is equally happy. Do not create for yourself a charge of conscience with respect to this belief, which is also very frequent.

Fewer abandoned animals

If you are worried and sad that animals are mistreated, think that it contributes to reduce this problem, if too many offspring are not born, which have little chance of having a good home. Surely you care for and love your animals, just as you do for any member of your family. But can you say the same for people who have taken home a puppy or kitten of your dog or kitten?

To avoid more abandoned animals, the best thing you can do is to sterilize your pet. It is the way not to see more puppies or cats suffering because of the unconsciousness of some human beings.

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