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How to care for a puppy cat


Newborn kittens are charming, precious and we drool over them. It is a wonder to have a puppy at home, a new awakening life makes us feel so responsible, it is so endearing that sometimes we forget that they require great care.

Food and beverages

Anyone would think that feeding our new kitten is simple, just a bottle is all it takes. But those who say this have never had to care for a puppy cat.

To begin with, they are not given a bottle, but syringes in which we will measure the daily dose in order to control their feeding, the time between feedings and weight gain.

In addition, we cannot give a small kitten simple cow’s milk, we must make it nutritious without damaging its small digestive system.

The ideal is to get feline formula, but sometimes it can be difficult and there are homemade recipes to get mixtures that can feed and care for our puppy cat without giving him a stomach ache.

The lair

All mammals need to feel safe somewhere, and small kittens are no exception.

Simple logic tells us that they need a dry place, protected from drafts, warm and with a small blanket or cotton clothing so that they can adapt it to their needs. If the puppies are very small, a heat source should also be used.

Placing the heat source properly can be tricky and you need to make sure it keeps them warm without damaging them or burning down the house.

Hot water is recommended. Placing a hot water bottle under their box or “cradle” will keep them warm as if they were on a heated floor. You can also use a lamp with a bulb that projects heat onto your resting place, but it has to be the right one and it has to be well placed.

Health care on how to care for a puppy cat

It is best to choose a veterinarian close to our place of residence and always go to the same one. Our kitty will become familiar with it and may even become friends, which will make things much easier.

A competent veterinarian will advise on the best age to start vaccinations, but it is strongly recommended to start after weaning. The subsequent schedule is up to us, although the veterinarian will make suggestions that will help our puppy grow strong and healthy.

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