The rarest animals in existence

We have talked on the blog about the ugliest animals in the world and also the most beautiful animals in the world… But this time we leave beauty aside to talk simply about the rarest animals in existence.

The rarest animals in existence

Pink fish with hands

In the top 10 of the rarest animals according to National Geographic is the pink fish with hands. Even his name is weird!

This fish uses its fins for walking rather than swimming.

It is so rare that only four specimens of this fish, which measures only 10 centimeters, have been found. All of them have been found in Hobart, an island belonging to Tasmania.

pink fish with hands


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The monkey without a nose

This is a new species of monkey found in Burma whose main and strangest characteristic is that its nose is so flat that even the rain makes it sneeze.

In this case, the only specimen that has been analyzed (as can be seen in the photograph) was killed by hunters and today this “new species” is in serious danger of extinction due to the high local demand for monkey meat and also because of deforestation.

monkey without nose