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The best singing birds you can have at home

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If you are thinking of adopting a bird for your home, chances are you like the songs that birds often make.

In this article we tell you about the birds that sing the most that you can have at home.

It should be remembered that domestic birds are excellent pets.

Since most of them are small in size, they will not take up too much space in the home.

In addition, they often have a colorful appearance thanks to their feathers and will transform a house with their songs.

Birds that sing beautifully

Let’s see which are the best domestic birds for their song.

  1. Canary. These small yellow birds are among the most popular in the world for their harmonious song.

    When they are in good health, their trill will be smooth and rhythmic. In addition, they have the characteristic that they are able to learn new melodies.

    To make them happier, you can place their cage near a window, where they will listen and imitate the songs of other birds.

    Another peculiarity of canaries is that males tend to sing more than females.

  2. Nightingale. The nightingale is famous for its harmonious song. So much so that many writers have dedicated pages to the trill of nightingales and even to praise the conditions of a singer is often called nightingale.

    Nightingales are capable of singing day and night without rest, with the additional feature that they are one of the few birds that can sing late at night.

    The plumage of this bird is brown, with no major differences between males and females.
    Another peculiarity of these birds is that they repeat the notes between three and eight times until they change notes or produce a chirping sound to finish the melody.

  3. Mandarin diamond. If you decide on a Mandarin diamond, you should know that they are very sociable birds and it is preferable that you adopt at least one pair. Otherwise, a bird of this species could be very sad without company.

    The song of the Mandarin diamond is very versatile and changes as they enter puberty. At this time they imitate the sounds of their parents and peers. Males are usually more vocal than females.

    As a side note, try putting a small bathtub in their cage in the summer, as they love to bathe and take a dip.

  4. Goldfinch. Goldfinches are another recommended species of songbirds to have in the home. They are very cheerful birds and will bring joy to the home.

    They usually sing more intensely on days when the weather is good. The cage that is their habitat should be spacious and should also have a container with fresh water at all times.

  5. Agapornis. Lovebirds can be an excellent choice to have in the home, but experts recommend having at least one pair of these birds.

    They have a joyful and revitalizing song. One of the advantages is that the care they require is not complicated and they can live for a long time in company.

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