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4 things that will keep your cat happy

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For people who have a pet cat, there are certain actions they can take to keep it in good health and spirits and keep it happy. Of course, regular visits to the veterinarian will always be important, as well as following their recommendations. But in addition to that, you can do a few other things that will keep your cat happy. Take note!

  1. Hunting. Cats are hunters by nature. Forgetting this feature would be going against your cat’s nature. Felines are capable of hunting birds, lizards and some other small animals. Cats hunt because it is a hereditary instinct that is activated from generation to generation. Occasionally, a cat may bring to its owner some prey it has hunted. In the face of this, you should never punish him, because hunting is natural in a cat.
  2. Sunbathing. Cats love warm places and snoozing in the sunlight. That’s why taking a nap while they bask in the sun for a while can be one of your kitty’s favorite activities. To meet this preference of your cat, you can find a special place at home where your kitty can take a nap while also sunbathing.
  3. Sleep. Incredible as it may seem, adult cats are capable of sleeping 15 to 17 hours each day. Even when they are puppies, these hours can be extended to twenty. This means that about 70% of a cat’s time will be spent sleeping. Let your cat sleep as it pleases and you will probably have a happy pet.
  4. Scratch. Cats love to scratch. This allows them to both sharpen their nails and mark their territory. In addition, experts in feline behavior say that scratching helps to keep potential competitors away. But if you don’t want to end up with all the furniture torn, it is preferable that you choose a scratching post for your cat. It should be solid and avoid toxic materials. In fact, to choose a good scraper you can ask the advice of an expert. It is also a good idea to prepare your cat to accept the scratching post. It has been proven that impositions tend to have bad results with cats, so it will be better for him to adapt to the scratching post gradually until he fully accepts it.

We hope your cat stays happy

In any case, you must remember that cats are very special beings, that apart from being characterized by their independence, they will also be able to create very strong emotional bonds with people. That is why it is important that you take care of your feline pet’s well-being as much as possible.

Performing actions such as those detailed above will not be very difficult to achieve but will allow you to create a more pet-friendly environment. With a friendlier environment, your cat will feel confident and much more secure in the knowledge that there are no dangers around. On the other hand, restricting cat-like behaviors will only cause unnecessary stress on your pet.

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