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6 harmful foods for your dog

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If you want your dog to be in good health, food is one of the most important aspects to take care of. But, many times due to ignorance or lack of information, you could damage their health by feeding your dog harmful foods. In this article we prepare a list of foods that can be unhealthy and even toxic for your dog.

There are some foods that can affect your dog’s health significantly. We must remember that the organism of our furry pets is not the same as that of human beings. Things that we consume on a regular basis can be potentially toxic to a dog. Take note!

  1. Chocolate. We start the list with chocolate. Although for a person, eating chocolate may be an everyday occurrence, giving chocolate to a dog can cause damage to the nervous system. Dogs do not tolerate caffeine and chocolate has this substance. Another compound present in chocolate that can cause harm to dogs is theobromine. In humans, this substance can act as a nervous system stimulant, but in dogs it can cause damage to the nervous system.
  2. Alcohol. Alcohol is an extremely toxic substance for dogs. This is even in small quantities. The ingestion of alcohol can directly attack the nervous system of your canine pet. Therefore, you should avoid at all costs giving anything containing alcohol.
  3. Coffee. Coffee contains two stimulant substances that can be very dangerous for dogs. Like chocolate, it contains caffeine and also contains other stimulating substances that will act in a harmful way on your dog’s nervous system. No matter how small the doses, you should avoid it altogether
  4. Vegetables. Onions, leeks and spring onions contain thiosulfate. This component can destroy red blood cells in dogs and cause anemia. Another vegetable that should be avoided in the diet is garlic. Although it may not be as toxic as the previous ones, it is preferable not to give it. It is also not advisable to give avocado or avocado to your dog. This is because it contains a toxin called Persin. Although it is poisonous in large quantities, it is preferable not to give it at all.
  5. Fruits. Grapes and raisins can cause kidney failure in dogs. That is why this fruit is considered a harmful food for your dog. Another fruit that can harm your dog is persimmon. This is because it possesses a substance capable of obstructing your dog’s intestine. Apple cores contain cyanide, a substance toxic to dogs. Oranges and lemons also have aromatic oils that can be harmful to dogs.
  6. Bones. Many times people believe that bones are good for dogs. Although dogs love to eat bones, they can be detrimental to their health. The most dangerous thing is that they can splinter when bitten and perforate your dog’s intestine. You could also choke on a large piece of bone or injure your respiratory or digestive tract. It is therefore advisable to avoid giving bones because they will be harmful to your dog.

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