Match your lifestyle to the right dog

Pet abandonment has no justification. But the truth is that part of the problem is often due to a clash between the way humans live and the characteristics of the animal. Because of this, it is important to know how to combine the right lifestyle and the right dog to make the relationship as successful as possible.

If you want to incorporate a dog into your life, meditate on your routines and your energy level, and imagine how the pet should fit into it. Some of the variables you may want to consider are as follows.

Active outdoor life

Do you enjoy outdoor adventures? Do you usually hike or spend your weekends camping? So what you need is a dog with a high energy level, who can follow you in all these adventures.

Breeds such as German Shepherds, Labradors, or Siberian Huskies fit perfectly in this type of outings. Setters are also dogs that like to run in the same way as Dalmatians. They are great companions who will enjoy channeling their energies into games and with whom you will have a great time.

If you have children in your life

Dogs are excellent companions for children in most cases. But some breeds are a little more attached to the little ones than others, even if they have a huge size. As they have a developed protective instinct, they take care of them and protect them from dangers.

Such is the case of St. Bernard dogs or their cousins the Newfoundland. The latter have a well-founded reputation as nanny-dogs. An example of this is Nana, the dog that took care of Wendy and her siblings in Peter Pan.

A busy life

It can also happen that you have a job or a career that requires you to be away from home for long hours. In these cases combining your lifestyle and your dog is not easy, since you must also be there to give him company and affection.

In this case, this problem is less of a problem if you adopt a dog with an independent personality. Breeds such as sharpei, alaskan malamute or borzoi, easily get used to the master having a departure and arrival time, without worrying. You only need to provide them with food, water and a place where they can wait for you during your absence.

If you need to give and receive affection

On the contrary, if you want a pet to give and receive love, what you need is a medium or low energy companion dog. They are generally small to medium-sized breeds that are easy to carry around.

Some of the breeds that meet these qualities are the Pomeranian, the French bulldog, or the Chihuahua. They are adorable, portable little guys whose life is nourished by your company.

If you have not been successful in combining your lifestyle and your dog, adapt to their needs to nurture a fuller life experience.

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