Supervise and care for your dog’s behavior in a park.

If you are going to take your pet to a park, where he/she will deal with others, it is necessary that you know some keys to canine etiquette. By this we mean how he behaves with his peers and how he performs most of the time. As its owner, you should know this because you are responsible for your dog’s behavior in a park.

The most important thing is the presentation. When this is overcome, dogs who already know each other are unlikely to have a problem the next time they meet in the park. In fact, if they tend to see each other frequently, they can be great friends.


The moment when two or more dogs meet is very important. If the event is quiet and you can recognize each other, the rest of the evening will be just pure fun. For your part, make sure your dog is calm and submissive. In case he is excited, with his tail and ears raised, it is better to move him away from the place. It is in a dominant position and this can be a source of problems.

When he calms down, let him off the leash and let the dogs complete their presentation ritual. They will smell each other, for a while. And when they both wag their tails happily, it will be a sign that all is well, and they will start playing.

Play in your dog’s behavior

When dogs become friends, the situation is likely to remain favorable and they are likely to have a lot of fun. But keep an eye on it with some frequency, paying attention to some details that can lead to an altercation.

Bumping around in the game is normal, as are the mad dashes through the park. But if they suddenly stare at each other with their tails raised, it’s a sign that they are about to fight. It is important that you, as well as the owner of the other dog, call them to order.

A third party in discord

It can also happen that a new member joins a well-adapted group. There will be a new presentation in which you must also make sure that your dog acts calmly, sniffing the new subject with the best disposition.

If the newcomer has a dominant posture, immediately call your pet so that it is not part of a potential conflict. Ask the owner of this other dog to control it, otherwise a fight may break out between the dogs.

Control your dog’s behavior in the park, so that he can develop a balanced character, and also so that he can experience more adventures in different places and environments.

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