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Reasons to adopt a Costa Cabana Miniature Bull Terrier

Having a dog as a pet is a good option to not feel alone, as they are supportive, loving and, in some cases, mischievous. They are usually faithful companions and inseparable friends, however, depending on the type of characteristics you want, you will have to choose a suitable breed.

adopt a Bull Terrier

Buying or adopting a puppy is a decision that must be taken care of, since not all animals are the same and some tend to have a better character than others or may be more protective, so it is important to strike a balance and find the ideal dog for each person. This one in particular, one breed that may be ideal for a family with children is the miniature Bull Terrier, as they are energetic, loyal and can be good companions..

For many it can be complex to choose a breed such as the Miniature Bull Terrier, since it is a little known breed. However, they have special characteristics that make them ideal to be part of the family without problems.

On the other hand, the Costa Cabana Bull Terrier puppies have a high quality for the breed, because they are expert breeders and puppy selectorsThe program is based on healthy parents for reproduction and special attention for the little ones at birth, destined for the people who are encouraged to join their families.

In this sense, a good way to decide to choose this breed is to get to know it a little better, so some important characteristics will be pointed out below.


This principle is the one that can be glimpsed the most in a Miniature Bull Terrier, especially if it is raised from a very young age and has a good education. They tend to be very attached to their owners, waiting for them whenever they go out to greet them with joy and accompany them in their daily tasks.


Another plus for this breed is that they are small and can live in a small apartment without problems, as long as they are given the opportunity to exercise daily.

That is why, in order to cover all your needs, it is best to turn to the experts, following indications such as those of the Costa Cabana Instagramwhere they not only offer their puppies at an international level, but also also take the time to show how they educate people about their care, their characteristics and everything to do with this adorable canine breed..

This is how in this social network they have more than 10,000 followers and a wide variety of photos that invite any user to follow them and learn more about the world of the Miniature Bull Terrier.

Curious and willing to learn

Curiosity is a trait these little ones have inherited from their Terrier parent, which keeps them active and with an ample capacity to learn and have fun doing what they love.

Where to buy a miniature Bull Terrier?

Despite this, many people may be a little hesitant before acquiring one of these puppies, asking themselves
how much does a miniature Bull Terrier cost?
This will depend on the place where the animal is purchased.

In this sense, if the purchase is made in a store, the puppy can cost approximately 700 euros, although the cost of tests and subsequent veterinary consultation must be made to ensure that the dog is purebred and is not sick.

On the contrary, if the purchase is made in a specialized kennel such as Costa Cabana, the dog would cost 1,700 euros, which includes all the tests and the veterinary consultation, being much simpler and more practical..

Having a puppy is not an easy decision, because not only must the dog be cared for, but an appropriate breed must be chosen that can match the owner’s personality and living conditions. That is why the Miniature Bull Terrier is a good choice for anyone, having a good character and adapting to any type of space.