The perfect pet for an apartment: the canary

Children are often fond of birds, even more so if they sing, so a canary, the bird native to the Canary Islands, can be the perfect animal companion for an apartment.

This is one of the most popular birds to have at home, especially because of its harmonious and beautiful song for the ears. There are several varieties of canaries, and although most of them are yellow, there are many colors such as green, orange or red. Depending on the species, the song is different, and some of them are really spectacular.


The canary is a small bird but it also requires special care, and the first requirement is to acquire a suitable cage. We must not forget that the cages must be functional and spacious, and we should not focus so much on presentation or decoration. The best are the metallic ones, which can be fixed to the wall.

The location of the cage is another important aspect. We should not leave our friend in the currents, in the sun or within reach of other animals, if we have other pets. The cage should be covered with a cloth or cover at night.

Another basic aspect of keeping a canary is the cleanliness of the cage, since feeders, drinkers and accessories must be clean to avoid infections, and accumulated droppings must be removed frequently.


As far as food is concerned, the canary generally eats birdseed or other seeds such as oats. As an extra you can give small pieces of lettuce or apple. In addition, to help the digestion of our canary, we can place the typical cuttlefish bone in the cage.

And remember, if you want to enjoy the song of the canary, you must not forget a fundamental requirement: it must be male, since females do not sing.