Responsible adoption

Escrito por Mundo Cachorro

For animal lovers, it is practically impossible for us to see a puppy or adult dog on the street and not want to take it withus. The number of homeless dogs is extremely high, and in this context they suffer a wide variety of attacks that are as dangerous to their physical integrity as they are dangerous to their physical integrity.

They need our help

An animal without the care of a personwill be quickly attacked by internal and external parasites, which can lead to diseases and in some cases fatal, also the traffic represents a constant threat for a dog that has not found its place. Fear generally causes them to run and move heedlessly down the street.

Things you should never forget if you adopt a puppy

If we make the decision to adopt a stray puppy, we must be fully aware that this animal, from the moment we join the family, will be fully dependent on us. The first thing to do is to bathe him (only with neutral soap), and take him quickly to the veterinarian’s office. We must never forget that choosing an animal companion means taking care of it throughout its life. That is, keep it with vaccines up to date, bathe it every time it is necessary, avoid fleas, ticks and other parasites, make regular visits to the veterinarian and above all, never mistreat it. After all, to them we are all they have. The unconditional love and devotion they give us will be the best reward they can give us.